Introduction to NVC

for Therapists


Curious about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and how it can enhance your therapeutic work?

Join me and other therapists at the next Introduction to NVC for Therapists workshop on

Monday, September 30, 2019 from 10am - 1pm in Berkeley.

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About the Workshop

Learn the basics of NVC and how these tools and principles can support your therapeutic work, all in an intimate, comfortable setting with other therapists.

This 3-hour workshop is interactive and engaging. Past participants have reported that it is fun, connecting, and meaningful. Space is limited to six participants.

About NVC

NVC was developed by Marshall Rosenberg, a psychologist and peacemaker who studied with Carl Rogers, the founder of the person-centered approach. NVC is a practice of listening empathically, speaking authentically, and creating connections based on understanding, compassion, and respect. As a therapeutic approach, NVC helps therapists move beyond the typical focus on feelings to a deeper dive into the hearts of our clients through a focus on universal human needs. There are so many benefits to bringing the skills and principles of NVC into the therapy room, including:

  • Greater ease in accessing and expressing your empathy for your clients

  • Increased capacity to manage and work with your own "countertransference"

  • More respectful therapeutic relationships, rooted in a "power-with" rather than "power-over" dynamic

  • Greater access to the natural compassion in your humanity-loving heart!


Location: 1600 Shattuck Ave. Suite 200, Berkeley, CA 94709

Fee: $100  ($80 for trainees + associates)

Register: Fill out this form or email with subject “Intro to NVC for Therapists.”