Do you feel like there’s so much more to you than you allow others to see?

  • Are you tired of hiding, making yourself small, and playing it safe?

  • Do you have a hard time speaking up for yourself, so you don’t ask for what you want and need?

  • Do you have a sense of being alone in the world that is becoming a nearly constant ache?


Life can be really hard, especially when we feel alone.

Let's get you the support you need so you can embrace your uniqueness and let your light shine.


Imagine if these words described the life you’re living:


You feel like you’re the real you. You drop the mask and trust that who you are is enough. You speak your truth with courage.


You know what you want and have the confidence to go for it. You make powerful requests in service of what matters most to you.


You have the communication skills and self-compassion it takes to create and sustain meaningful relationships that nourish you.

All of this is possible and I can help.


Become your own biggest ally.

I am devoted to helping you love yourself and your relationships. I'm here to help you live a life you love, starting with befriending yourself and all of your experiences.


Here’s How it Works

You talk. I listen. I listen closely to what you're saying, focusing on what it's like to be you and what's important to you. I listen with an open mind and a compassionate heart. And I tell you what I'm hearing, so that you feel heard and understood. When people feel seen, heard, and "gotten," they tend to feel relief. Then, answers arise on their own.

I support you in listening to yourself. As you learn how to befriend your experience, your feelings become signals to your needs. As you identify and embrace your needs, you gain clarity about what matters most to you and what will help you live a life you love. We'll work together to help you create that life, one step at a time. 


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"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."

- Carl Rogers