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December 2015

Transforming "Not Enough" Thoughts with Mindfulness and Compassion

What lies about your "not enough-ness" did your mind tell you today? How did you respond?

While scrolling through Facebook this evening, I noticed a sinking feeling in my chest and could sense my upper body contracting. Luckily, thanks to my mindfulness practice, I was able to notice the unpleasant feeling right away and trace the feeling back to the thought that went something like, "I'm not informed enough."

I felt relief in noticing the thought and identifying it as one of those pesky "not enough" thoughts.

How to Stop Viewing Your Anxiety as an Enemy

I was recently featured in an article on about helpful ways to relate to anxiety.  Here is the article, written by Margarita Tartakovsky.  Clickhere to read the article on

How to Stop Viewing Your Anxiety as an Enemy
by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

If you struggle with anxiety, you might start to see your anxiety as an adversary. After all, anxiety stops you from doing things you need to do and things that you enjoy. Anxiety keeps you in the house and keeps you from pursuing your dreams.