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July 2015

What Do My Feelings Have to Do with Nonviolence?

What Do My Feelings Have to Do with Nonviolence?

When people come to Nonviolent Communication (NVC) classes I teach, some students are surprised by how much attention we invite them to put on their own feelings. The sentiment goes something like, “I thought I was here to learn how to communicate better. What do my feelings have to do with it?” If you’ve ever wondered about this, I hope this piece will help draw out the connection for you.
Some background: I was inspired to write about the connection between our inner lives (our thoughts, feelings, and needs) and violence/nonviolence after reading a discussion today on a family member’s Facebook page.

Practicing Self-Compassion When You're Struggling with Anxiety

I was recently featured in an article on about ways to practice self-compassion when you're struggling with anxiety. Here is the article, written by Margarita Tartakovsky.  Clickhere to read the article on

Practicing Self-Compassion When You're Struggling with Anxiety
by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

People who struggle with anxiety often beat themselves up about it. "I should be able to handle this." "There must be something seriously wrong with me.