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March 2014

“She’s so rude!”: Transforming Judgments with Nonviolent Communication

"She's so rude!": Transforming Judgments with Nonviolent Communication

“NVC helps us create a more peaceful state of mind by encouraging us to focus on what we are truly wanting rather than on what is wrong with others or ourselves.” –Marshall Rosenberg 

About halfway through the meditation class I was at tonight, a woman came in during the dharma talk (late) and set up her cushion directly between me and the teacher, completely blocking my view. Being that I was at a meditation class, I was extra-attuned to the thoughts passing through my mind, and was interested (though not really surprised) to see that the first thought that arose went something like, “Oh my god.

Pee When You Have to Pee, and Other Simple Ways to Befriend Yourself Throughout the Day

Pee When You Have to Pee, and Other Simple Ways to Befriend Yourself Throughout the Day

Being compassionate towards ourselves, research shows, is a major contributor to mental health. No longer limited to the realm of transpersonal or Buddhist-influenced psychology, articles on the benefits of self-compassion are popping up in mainstream periodicals such as Harvard Health Publication and Scientific American. There’s no question that befriending ourselves is a powerful and transformative approach to healing low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and a host of other variations of human suffering.